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The new era of learning

UERII was created to be the advanced platform capable of implementing the learning process with customized experiences, ready to enter the metaverse.

UERII - The new era of learning

UERII: A Customized Learning System in the Metaverse

UERII revolves around the individual development of the person, considering the characteristics and needs of that person and working on strengthening the learning capacity of the individual through a system that we could define as “custom made”. The metaverse will be the ideal environment to facilitate the attainment of this goal. UERII is thus the new “opportunity” to facilitate, both in the method and in the timing and costs, the system of acquisition of notions and skills.

Now you can finally learn what you never had the opportunity to learn, in order to grow professionally but also in order to understand those things that appear difficult and beyond your reach. UERII combines totality with particularity because it is designed to offer a universal training solution insofar as it can be reached from anywhere at any time, covering a wealth of subjects and themes never before available, but it is also a specific answer targeted on individuals in their uniqueness, with methods and an approach geared to their ability to respond, the time available, the goals and the difficulty of the process.

The philosophy of UERII

From communication to ACTION

We believe that technology allows us to create increasingly powerful tools for communication and social interaction. We asked ourselves whether we could use them to get out of the social desert, and we decided to act.


Our idea wants to go beyond the use that is normally made of technology, even the most advanced. We have chosen to put the essence of the human being at the center of the project, with its singularity, which becomes the key element in the learning stage, and can be accelerated with the use of a method that is as direct and tailored to the individual as it is attractive and engrossing. 


We want technological developments like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and the metaverse, associated with advanced AI, to build a world where people all have the same opportunities to learn, as if they were attending the best schools with the teachers most suited to their specific needs and not to everyone in general. We want there to be contexts specifically created for the individual’s specific mode of understanding.

develop a platform with its own innovative

The UERII Universe

The goal is to develop a platform with its own innovative, exclusive AI capable, through processes of advanced engineering, of allowing people to have complete emotional experiences in the process of learning.

The metaverse will be the ideal environment to exploit this potential in full.

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UERII Community

We believe in the community

We believe strongly in Web 3.0, the new technology created to prevent any concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a few, and to give everyone new opportunities.

Our goal is to ensure that, within 5 years, governance is completely in the hands of the community.

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White Paper

The White Paper is the declaration of intent on UERII projects.

white paper UERII


What are our major goals?
Our program is carefully mapped out so as to deal with the most complex projects and turn them into significant solutions.

UERII roadmap UERII roadmap mobile