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UERII is a project that is being constantly updated. The following questions will be updated as the UERII platform evolves. The exact structures and technologies included at its origin have not been entirely decided and are subject to change thanks to continuous research.


What is UERII?

UERII is a platform based on advanced AI, the product of a highly evolved and exclusive engineering project especially designed to facilitate learning and to tailor the learning process directly to the users and their characteristics, even to the extent of having them meet, if they so desire, influential personalities in every field, in the language they prefer and in the environment they request, overcoming the technological limitations of current platforms. All this has the aim of strengthening the learning ability of individual humans.

UERII has its own innovative, exclusive AI capable of enabling people to have complete emotional experiences in the process of learning. This gives them a psychological and mental advantage, as well as providing scientifically proven teaching methods. The metaverse will be the ideal environment where every individual can exploit his or her potential to the utmost.

What is MetaBrain?

MetaBrain is the free platform created to continuously increase and implement the AI of UERII, an intelligence that aims to improve and strengthen learning.

What is ULP?

ULP is the acronym of UERII Learning Platform, a platform for the realization of learning experiences developed on a decentralized network.

What is RII?

To create the project, the UERII team developed and is currently implementing an innovative protocol called RII that adapts information, considering the emotional dimension and sensory completeness of the individual.

Which programming languages are used?

The languages are: Python, C and PHP.

Which blockchain is used to develop the UERII Token?

The UERII Token is developed on the Ethereum blockchain and the Polygon blockchain.


How can i participate in the uerii project?

You can participate in the UERII project by filling out the “Join us” form or through the MetaBrain project.

Why will some uerii tokens be assigned to the community?

The important, innovative technologies made available through UERII need a large and qualified number of programmers, IT engineers, system engineers, experts in neuroscience and other elements whose skills can contribute to the continuous improvement of the platform.

How many tokens will be assigned to the community?

  • 18% reserved to the community developers.
  • 10% reserved to MetaBrain and Research & Development.
  • 14,5% reserved to the RII Collaboration nodes.


Can people who invest in UERII lose their investment?

If UERII is not developed successfully or does not gain favor with the public, the investors could see the value of their token go to zero.

The UERII team is not responsible for the possible loss of value of the token. We therefore recommend that you invest only what you can afford to lose.
That said, the UERII team is working hard every day to ensure that everybody gets the highest possible return from their token.

What are the risks associated with the development and distribution of UERII?

UERII is still in an initial stage of development and could fail to evolve or function as imagined and intended. Moreover, it might not satisfy expectations and/or fail to comply with the goals indicated in the White Paper.

Despite all the efforts that will be made, it is possible that UERII could malfunction or fail to develop or be maintained adequately and result in a negative impact.
The development of UERII requires a significant investment of capital, skills, time and commitment. UERII could require financing or development time significantly greater than initially foreseen, which could lead to its suspension or the cancellation of its development. If UERII does not succeed in demonstrating the utility and value of its project to the users, the participants could lose all the funds invested in relation to the sale of UERII tokens.

UERII may not have or may not be able to find the technical skills necessary to develop the platform successfully - indeed, there is a general scarcity of personnel with adequate training in the management, technology, science, research and marketing to maintain and develop UERII.

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