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The answer
offered by UERII

UERII grew out of the desire to find a solution to the bleak picture painted by scientists, physicians and experts with regard to the current and future performance of both education and job training.

It was created to overcome the limitations of the current educational systems that are unfortunately linked to the physical locations in which people live, and to the standardized way in which things have to work for everyone. This has had the effect of generating barriers for some people, at an objective and often also emotional level, which UERII aims to remove, eliminating the differences that currently exist between real experience and a simple virtual experience.

The idea is to break through the inequalities that exist in the results achieved by different people forced into a standardized educational approach.

open a world of opportunity to everyone

UERII wants to open a world of opportunity to everyone:

  • the opportunity to meet outstanding personalities, teachers, professionals, trainers, who we cannot physically see for reasons of spatial or temporal distance;
  • the opportunity to make dreams come true, to take courses that for whatever reason were never possible before;
  • the opportunity for scientists, researchers, professors to convey their knowledge, for athletes and entrepreneurs to describe their successes and how they achieved them, for great artists to narrate their works in person;
  • the opportunity to improve people's employment status by developing new skills;
  • the opportunity to overcome learning disadvantages by finding a system literally tailored to each individual’s precise needs;
  • the opportunity to access advanced knowledge;
  • the opportunity to take advantage of high-level training at low cost;
  • the opportunity to improve their social status on the basis of the skills acquired.

The UERII universe

The goal of UERII is to develop a platform with its own innovative, exclusive AI, capable, through advanced engineering procedures, of allowing people to live complete emotional experiences in the process of learning.

The metaverse will be the ideal environment where every individual can exploit his or her potential to the utmost.

To achieve all this, UERII has created a universe consisting of three pillars:


Is a web app designed to feed the artificial intelligence of UERII, enabling the Community to grow and discover UERII.

RII Protocol

RII Protocol is an innovative protocol that adapts information, customizing it and tailoring it to the people who interact with the UERII universe.


ULP (UERII Learning Platform) is the platform where content creators can realize their projects and users can interact with them and use the content for an innovative learning experience.


The founders of UERII believe firmly in web 3.0, the new technology born with the ideal of preventing the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a few and giving everyone new opportunities.

For this reason, the UERII project has been developed on web 3.0 and on the fully-developed concept of decentralization. Today, therefore, the 4 founders and 14 collaborators responsible for creating UERII are in the front line to guarantee the good success of the project through the implementation of the UERII ecosystem and its Tokenomics.

Their goal is to ensure that, within 5 years, governance is completely in the hands of the community.

If you belong to the UERII community you can be:

  • a developer who assists in the implementation of ULP, the RII Protocol and other future projects as a member of the developers’ community;
  • a person who, responding to questions and participating in the MetaBrain project, will help in the role of beta tester to improve custom-made learning and supplying the AI of UERII;
  • users who make their own hardware resources available as members of the community of the RII-Node;
  • content creators who use ULP to create their own projects;
  • UERII holders.

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