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We want to open up a world of opportunity


Our is a real vision.

We aim to create a world in which everyone can learn, going beyond the limits that we ourselves see as insuperable and beyond the limits that society attributes to us.


We think people should be given the opportunity to face their fears, especially their fear of failure, and to learn the things they want to know, one after another and then even more. At their own pace, on their own time.

Being able to ask writers personally how their work began, finding in their answers the same thrill we can read between the lines of their books, hearing the echo in ourselves of the rightness of a great master’s lessons, training ourselves according to the methods used by great athletes: all this will be feasible, not secondhand, but actually living it ourselves.

We see a reality that was impossible until now.

aboutn uerii


Our mission is to create a “school” in which there is the right place for everyone, a place where people can find the tools they need to get where they want to be, overcoming the limitations imposed by the real as well as the virtual world as we have known them until now.


Could we improve if we had the right teacher? Could we have the career we want if we had the right skills? Could we overcome our physical limits with the right training? Could we change the world a little if we had the opportunity to work alongside an inventor? Could we contribute to science by sharing our experiences? Could we be remembered for an idea, an intuition?

With UERII the answer is yes.

The real world limits us to meetings and knowledge circumscribed by contingencies, by the ability to travel, by the era in which we were born, by economic availability, by the vicissitudes and situations that life puts in our path.

The virtual world leaves us incomplete, making us feel like we are in an “artificial” space because it lacks the tools necessary to interact with our sensorial sphere.

We want to overcome this, making the digital world fully livable and eliminating the restrictions and restraints of everyday life by finding this balanced combination that is still unavailable and projecting it into the heart of UERII: facilitated learning.

Our journey...


Wearable Computing

Fascinated by the video presented by Steve Mann, known as the Father of Wearable Computing, at the TEDx event in Toronto in 2016, we started to think about how to use this extraordinary technology to create a project that would change the future of gaming.

APRIL 2017

AI and Blockchain

As the tools made available by the great international players of the sector improved, and “All Reality” began to take shape, we could see our project of the metaverse in the gaming world starting to build a new economic and social environment.

JUNE 2018

All Reality

Working on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, we started to develop the first inklings of our idea of the RII protocol for a gaming platform within the metaverse.


End of the project based on gaming

Discouraged by the absence of capital, we abandoned the project of gaming in the metaverse, but not the idea of developing something new and innovative.


UERII is born

Following the period of social isolation caused by the pandemic, and thanks to our past experience, in November the whole team got back together to create a new learning project ready to enter the metaverse. That's when UERII was born.


Growth of the team

The founders decide to expand the UERII team with the arrival of six new collaborators to help in the development of the project and contribution of new personalities and new professional expertise with additional visions and skills.

MAY 2022

A new ecosystem

The UERII team grows again with 8 new elements who are working on development of the RII Protocol, MetaBrain and the foundations of ULP. It then becomes possible for all those who have specific skills or who appreciate the UERII project to participate in the Community. The project acquires social value not only for its goals but also in its form and very essence.


Token available

The UERII Token can be obtained on Uniswap and on the official website UERII is a decentralized integration and, as such, we encourage the use of DEXs.



The MetaBrain project has officially commenced, marking the beginning of a free platform that has been designed to enhance and implement the AI of UERII. This innovative intelligence aims to optimize the learning process by making it more efficient and effective than ever before.

MARCH 2023

I Love Coach RII

The "I Love Coach RII" advertising campaign kicks off to raise awareness of the ambitious project "Coach-RII”. Charities will be helped through this campaign.

MAY 2023

Growth 2325 campaign

The Growth 2325 campaign is a strategic initiative that aims to promote the UERII project and its philanthropic endeavors. The campaign seeks to create widespread awareness of the project and support the "I love Coach-RII" charity campaign.


The team that originated UERII consists of 4 founders and 14 developers, including IT engineers, system engineers and experts in neuroscience, working together to develop this project.

We have brought together professionals with many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, in search of an ambitious ecosystem able to exploit all the potential of the existing and future technology.

The governance of UERII guarantees the application of Tokenomics, respect of the values behind the idea, and is strongly committed to creating a community of developers with the maximum skills at the international level to enable UERII to become a player of reference.

The governance of UERII guarantees the correct operation, respect and evolution of ULP (the UERII Learning Platform), of MetaBrain and the RII protocol, which are the pillars of the project.



MemoryMix avatar


Memory Mix was born in Israel in 1981, he studied languages ​​before discovering his passion for information technology. Later he developed a strong interest in mathematics and finally in the world of blockchain and web3.

Memory Mix is ​​a determined and ambitious person who is committed to achieving his goals with dedication and passion. He loves photography and nature.

MrThumb avatar


MrThumb was born in Dublin in 1989, studied economics and has extensive experience in the financial field. For several years he has approached the world of blockchain and web3.

MrThumb loves children, animals and social issues.

Furyo avatar


Furyo was born in Tokyo in 1988 and has developed a great experience in the field of information security. Furyo has always been fascinated by the world of Web3 since its inception, showing a great interest in emerging technologies and their applications in the field of information security.

Furyo loves French cuisine and loves to travel. The love for travel has allowed her to get to know different cultures and to have an open and global vision of the world.

Aran avatar


Aran was born in London in 1988, but moved to the United States with her family as a child. She studied mathematics and is passionate about numbers and statistics. In addition to her passion for scientific subjects, Aran has many other interests: she loves reading, demonstrating great intellectual curiosity and the ability to understand different points of view and she is also a talented guitarist.



KmallocUS avatar


KmallocUS was born in Los Angeles in 1996, he studied computer science and specialized as a developer in the world of Web3. Thanks to his training and experiences, KmallocUS is an expert able to understand the challenges and opportunities of emerging technologies, demonstrating great problem solving skills.

KmallocUS loves to eat hamburgers and tasty food and is a big fan of contemporary art and rap music. His passion for art and creativity make him a person capable of thinking outside the box.

DebConfCool avatar


DebConfCool was born in the state of Gujarat in 1993, studied computer science and moved to Dublin to perfect her skills in this sector. DebConfCool loves the theatre, she is a very sociable person and she likes to make new friends and meet people with different habits and customs than hers.

Her ability to understand people and different cultures make her a great resource for team building activities and interpersonal relationship management.

WoofY avatar


WoofY was born in Berlin in 1997, she studied literature but decided to devote herself totally to the blockchain sector and its extraordinary applications, demonstrating great passion and determination.

WoofY is a very sociable person and loves spending time with friends and family, showing great attention to interpersonal relationships.

Her determination and ambition make her a person capable of overcoming challenges and achieving her goals with commitment and dedication.

FellyW avatar


FellyW is a developer born in San Diego in 1996. After studying computer science, he chose to devote himself to the web3.0 revolution.

Thanks to his technical skills and his passion for technology, he has contributed to innovative and cutting-edge projects, offering software solutions that have a positive impact on people's lives.

FellyW loves to dance and surf.

Pytty27 avatar


Pytty27 is a dApp developer born in San Diego in 1997. After studying computer science, she specialized in the development of decentralized applications.

She loves to spend her free time at the beach enjoying the beautiful landscape and climate of her hometown. Pytty27 is very close to her boyfriend and co-worker, FellyW.

NickyRo avatar


NickyRo is a computer developer born in Berlin in 1998. Since he was a child, he has cultivated a passion for programming which he has transformed into his everyday job.

He contributes to projects that require complex and innovative software solutions, always demonstrating great curiosity and technical ability.

NickyRo loves the solitude that allows him to focus better on programming and solving complex problems and loves visiting museums where he can immerse himself in art and culture, gaining new ideas and perspectives.

Vitalik2.0 avatar


Vitalik2.0 is a developer born in Seville in 1990. He originally studied to become a lawyer, but his passion for programming and the discovery of web3 led him to completely change his life path.

Thanks to his determination and his passion for technology, Vitalik2.0 contributes to projects that exploit next-generation technologies, such as blockchain and machine learning.

He loves Latin culture and flamenco which occupy a significant part of his life outside the workplace.

CucuDev avatar


CucuDev is a computer developer born in Malaga in 1991. After studying computer science, he decided to devote himself to programming and software development.

Thanks to his technical skills and his enthusiasm for his work, CucuDev has collaborated in various projects, making his skills and experience available to create innovative and cutting-edge software solutions.

He loves his job and is always looking for new challenges and new projects that push him to improve and deepen his skills.


Garamond avatar


Garamond is a brilliant system analyst born in Stuttgart in 1995. After studying computer engineering, she dedicated herself to collaborating with various companies in the tech sector.

Her passion for skiing allows her to find a balance between work and leisure.

ElonGuapo avatar


ElonGuapo is a systems analyst and cyber security expert born in Israel in 1984. Thanks to his extensive knowledge in the field of cyber security, Elon is able to critically evaluate the security of blockchain systems and identify any vulnerabilities or threats . Furthermore, his experience in systems analysis allows him to deeply understand the functioning of the protocols and consensus mechanisms underlying cryptocurrencies.

He loves walking and exercising.


ArtolP1 avatar


ArtolP1 was born in Helsinki in 1975. After studying psychology, he specialized in cognitive neuroscience.

He loves going for walks in the open air and loves spending his free time with his large family.

NurbFrog avatar


NurbFrog is a neuroscientist born in Munich in 1973. After studying medicine, she specialized in the treatment of brain and nervous system disorders.

With her extensive experience and expertise, she has dedicated her career to improving the lives of people with neurological disorders. She loves her German Shepherd and loves spending her holidays in Italy.

DottFox avatar


DottFox is a neuroscience expert born in London in 1977. After studying medicine, he dedicated himself to research in the field of neuroscience, becoming a valuable professional.

He loves sports cars, fashion and travel.

BrainStem4 avatar


BrainStem4 is a neuroscience expert born in Denver in 1973. After studying psychology and medicine, she decided to specialize in the study and treatment of the human brain.

She loves swimming and classical music. Swimming allows her to keep fit and to relax, while classical music is an important source of inspiration and tranquility for her.