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Let your personal coach
show you what to do

It is a highly evolved model of artificial intelligence, created to help people achieve their goals, in the personal as well as in the professional sphere.

How it works

Thanks to Coach-RII, users will undertake a customized path, the result of an in-depth analysis of the specific individual characteristics of each. Through this system, users can progress to a level capable of improving their own lives and relationships with others.

Users can choose the training path most appropriate in relation to their goals, after responding to specific questionnaires, and will be able to set up appointments one-on-one with Coach-RII for assistance in their growth.

Explore the Coach-rii Ecosystem

Artificial intelligence drives the creation of cutting-edge apps shaped to facilitate personal and professional success through personalized user experiences! 🚀

Emotional Resilience

Develop the ability to face and overcome emotional obstacles, such as stress, anxiety and disappointments.

Financial Knowledge

Improve your understanding of personal finances, investments and resource management.

Awareness and Spiritual Growth

Promote inner reflection, self-awareness and the exploration of personal values and beliefs.

Physical Health

Goals that promote physical exercise, healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle.

Interpersonal Relationships

Improve communication skills, empathy and building positive relationships.

Self-Discipline and Self-Control

Develop willpower to maintain positive habits and resist harmful temptations.

Leadership and Influence

Cultivate the ability to lead, inspire, and positively influence others.

Creativity and Innovation

Stimulate creativity and the ability to think innovatively to solve problems or create new opportunities.

Time Management

Learning to organize time effectively, setting priorities and balancing various aspects of life.

I love Coach-RII

On March 2, 2023, we launched an advertising campaign to introduce this ambitious project, which will conclude with the official launch of “Coach-RII”, expected within 18 months.


Reserved places

Only 999 adult users will be able to register and participate as Senior Supporters of the project and as future participants, in the role of beta-testers.


UERII tokens in the wallet

To participate as a Senior Supporter, you will have to have at least 500.000 UERII Tokens in your wallet address, which you can use to take advantage of the future services offered by Coach-RII.


Tokens to charity every month

UERII will donate 2 USDC Tokens to SAVE THE CHILDREN for every Senior Supporter who participates in the “I Love Coach-RII” campaign, and will send each of them a copy of the transactions taking place via blockchain.

Moral commitment of Senior Supporters in the “I Love Coach-RII” campaign

We thank all those who have chosen to support the launch of Coach-RII and we hope your path is rich in challenges, successes and personal growth.

However, participation in the program as a Senior Supporter does not means just accepting the regulations, but also requires a moral commitment on your part. We ask you to use Coach-RII both during the beta stage and after its official launch.

We also ask you to share your progress, and the various stages that lead up to the launch, on the social media.

With your support we can constantly improve the project and help even more people.

Thanks again for your commitment and for having chosen to support the “I Love Coach-RII” campaign.

UERII Founder

How to become a Senior Supporter

  • You must be over 18.
  • You must have at least 500.000 UERII Tokens in your wallet.
  • You will join the campaign by supplying your wallet and email addresses.
  • You’ll receive confirmation of admission.

Every participant can only apply for membership once.

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